Forelite Lighting: Bee Eye LED Moving Head
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But you know what? Now many people will be more astonished about our latest Bee Eye beam 10 launched in Oct. 2014.

For those who have seen or used Bee Eye beam 10, they must react like this: How crazy it is! Crazy Light.

It is true that our beam lights are still very hot selling. However, we produce not only beam lights but LED Bee Eye now.

And the LED Big Eye has made a huge impact on stage lighting industry. Well, what is exactly LED Bee Eye?

There is no words to describe it. If we must use one word to express it, that would be Bee Eye beam 100 is a multi-functional fixture

with LED wash, sharpy,and glaring visual effect.

The fixture is equipped with Osram Ostar 19*15w 4 in 1 RGBW LED with specially designed optical system,

pipes and lens. High lighting efficiency, consistent lighting color and built-in five dimming curve are available.

The zoom range is from 4 degree to 60 degree.It is definitely one exceptional multi-functional LED wash lighting in

the market and can be used in any applications or places.

Wash Effect

The zoom range is from 4 degree to 60 degree. And the single LED and its color can be controlled independently.

When the zoom angle is 4 degree, it is converting from high efficient wash light to strong beam light.

In particular, it will have a breathtaking effect when controlling single LED and its color.

Beam Effect

Single LED control Effect

Actually, the function of LED Big Eye L10 is more than what we have discussed above.

The biggest attraction about Big Eye is that the front lens can be rotated bi-directionally and continuously.

This function only belongs to Big Eye at present.

It will have wonderful ※kaleidoscope§ and ※vortex§ effects when rotating front lens. 

Vortex Effect

If the "kaleidoscope" effect is projected onto the screen, white walls or other settings,

glaring elegant geometry dynamic pattern is available.

This is one of the special effects about this fixture.

And that is the reason why many lighting designers would like to choose Big Eye L10. 


If you think that the functions of Big Eye are complicated, and too many channels may cause some inconveniences

when using it.Actually, there is no need to worry about that. In order to meet various kinds of customers* needs.

We design this product that applies to 5 DMX control modes. Thus, you can make the best use of Big Eye no matter

what kinds of consoles you use.  

Accordingly, I'm sure that you won't feel surprised why friends around you arealways talking about LEES Big Eye.

Indeed, it is really a new creation to all of us. 

Partial Litelees Big Eye CASE SHOWㄩ

The concert in Korea

The Play-List in Jiangxi TV

Shenzhen International Lingerie Fair

Cambodia Idol

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